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Cavanagh & Cavanagh

Cavanagh & Cavanagh, Michael (left) and James (right), were sons of John Cavanagh, who came to Victoria from Tipperary in 1843. Michael came to Perth 1895, his brother joining him from 1900 to 1905. The firm designed the Church of the Oblate Fathers (now known as the Basilica of Saint Patrick), St John of God's Subiaco (now demolished), CBC Perth (now demolished), the Bishop's Palace, the Fire Brigade Stations in both Perth and Fremantle, the Esplanade Hotel in Perth, the Melville (later Majestic Hotel), and three hotels in Fremantle: the Newcastle Club; and the P&O and the Orient, as well as the building between them, the Baird building.

St Patrick's Basilica, still lacking its steeple

The 1908 Fire Station

P&O Hotel, lacking its turret

Orient Hotel, restored

The Baird building, 33-37 High Street, between the two hotels, Orient and P&O. The facade of the building at ground level has been destroyed.

Newcastle Club (Newport) Hotel, restored

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