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Jane Currie

Jane Currie arrived 2 June 1829 on Parmelia, the first ship to bring settlers to the colony, with her husband Mark Currie, the first harbour master. He started work in a tent at Perth, but soon moved to the wreck of Marquis of Anglesea. Jane Currie painted in watercolour a panorama of Fremantle south of Arthur Head which includes the wreck where her husband had his office.

Photograph of the image on an interpretive plaque at Bathers Bay, showing the location of the wreck on Anglesea Point, with South Bay (now filled in and become the Esplanade) to this (southern) side of it. 

References and Links

Errington, Steve 2017, 'Fremantle 1829-1832: an illustrated history', Fremantle Studies, 9: 15-29 (from which the topmost image comes).

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