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Rohin Kickett

Interview with Rohin Kickett at Japingka Gallery.

Rohin Kickett on his show "In Our Shoes" - at the Inverted Museum of History, Fremantle Biennale, November 2021:
In Our Shoes - Photography
I've got together an idea for the kinds of images I'd need to tell that story. I'm using people and locations of today, but with the past policies. You'll see people chained up like they did back in the day with the policies, as Stolen Generation, with kids being taken, telling that story. But the whole concept of our history is inverted. So, it's actually happening to white people, not Aboriginal people. The title of the exhibition is called In Our Shoes. I wanted to give non-Aboriginal people the idea of what it's like to look at Aboriginal history from an Aboriginal point of view. Growing up, I saw the people chained up who looked like my dad, they looked like my uncles. The Stolen Generation look like my cousins. Understandably, it doesn't resonate like this with people who can't see their own family in those images. I am attempting to create a connection with our history.

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Image of Rohin Kickett courtesy of Japingka Gallery.

Inverted Museum of History, Fremantle Biennale 2021.

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