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Toby Leek

Toby's exhibition, Vivid, 5-10 December 2023 at the earlyworkgallery in South Terrace.

Toby's third exhibition at Early Works gallery South Fremantle opened Friday 23 July 2021. His first show, Look Up Freo, in February 2018 sold out. His second show, Colour Freo, also at Early Works in the Biscuit Factory, 330 South Terrace, was in October 2018.

You could view and purchase examples of Toby's work from the Artisan Store, 81a High Street Fremantle, but this is no longer to be the case. Original paintings were on show. You could also buy A2 prints on fine museum grade art paper @ $150, from this catalog.

See more of his current work, and contact him, through his Instagram page.

These are some photographs (taken by the artist) of some of the work from the first show.

National Hotel

Federal Hotel

The former Seaview Hotel

Dalgety building


Scots Church

German Embassy, aka Tarantella

Town Hall

Trades Hall

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