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Andrew Sunley Smith
Partially submerged and obscured by the changing tides of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), a marooned and ghostly vessel will occupy an expanse of water beneath Fremantle’s Traffic Bridge.
Excessively loaded with local limestone rock spall, this unfamiliar vessel – a symbol of commerce and export – is reclaimed by a material of the landscape itself.
Masterfully restored and marooned by artist Andrew Sunley Smith in collaboration with Fremantle maritime and seafaring experts, Overload is a poetic and absurd gesture to our era of excess, instability and oppression.
Although disastrous in appearance, beneath the hull of the MS Overload there is hand-craft, the dutiful care of people, and the land rising to take back.

The installation is actually much closer to the Stirling Bridge than the wooden bridge.

Smith created this first as a model, as shown (twice) in the program photograph (below).

DATE AND TIME: Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), J. Dolan Park, East Fremantle, 5 - 21 Nov, 24/7 ENTRY FREE

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