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Geoffrey Bolton


Alexander Forrest: His Life and Times (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press in association with the University of Western Australia Press, 1958).

(with Ann Mozley) The Western Australian Legislature, 1870-1930 (Canberra: Australian National University, 1961).

A Thousand Miles Away: A History of North Queensland to 1920 (Brisbane: Jacaranda in association with the Australian National University, 1963).

Richard Daintree: A Photographic Memoir (Brisbane: Jacaranda Press, 1965).

The Passing of the Irish Act of Union: A Study in Parliamentary Politics (London: Oxford University Press, 1966).

Dick Boyer: An Australian Humanist (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1967).

A Fine Country to Starve In (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1972; 2nd edn, 1994).

Britain's Legacy Overseas (London: Oxford University Press, 1973).

Spoils and Spoilers: Australians Make Their Environment 1788-1980 (Sydney: Allen 6c Unwin, 1981; 2nd edn, 1992).

(with Prue Joske) History of Royal Perth Hospital (Perth: Royal Perth Hospital, 1982).

It Had Better Be a Good One: Murdoch University's First Ten Years (Perth: Murdoch University, 1985).

- (with David Black, assisted by Ann Mozley and Patricia Simpson) Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia, vol. 1,1870-1930; vol. 2,1930-2010 (Perth: Western Australian Parliamentary History Project, 1990; rev. edn, 2011).

The Oxford History of Australia. Volume 5,1942-1988: The Middle Way (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1990; 2nd edn, 1996).

A View from the Edge: An Australian Stocktaking, Boyer Lectures (Sydney: ABC Books, 1992).

Daphne Street (Fremantle: Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1997).

(with Jenny Gregory) Claremont: A History (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1999).

Edmund Barton: The One Man for the Job (Sydney: Allen 6c Unwin, 2000).

(with Geraldine Byrne) The Campus That Never Stood Still: Edith Cowan University, 1902-2002 (Perth: Edith Cowan University, 2002).

(with Geraldine Byme) May it Please Your Honour: A History of the Supreme Court of Western Australia 1861-2005 (Perth: Supreme Court of Western Australia, 2005).

Land of Vision and Mirage: Western Australia since 1826 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 2008).

Paul Hasluck: A Life (Perth: UWA Publishing) 2014).

Edited Books

Everyman in Australia, Octagon Lectures 1970 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1972).

(with Heath Vose and Genelle Jones) The Wollaston Journals, vol. 1,1840-42 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1991) .

(with Heather Wise, Allan Watson and Suzanne Lewis) The Wollaston Journals, vol. 2, 1842-44 (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 1992).

(with Wayne Hudson) Creating Australia: Changing Australian History (Sydney: Allen 6c Unwin, 1997).

(with Richard Rossiter and Jan Ryan) Farewell Cinderella: Creating Arts and Identity in Western Australia (Perth: University of Western Australia Press, 2003).

(with Deborah Gare, Stuart Macintyre and Tom Stannage) The Fuss That Never Ended - Essays on the Life and Work of Geoffrey Blainey (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2003).

(with Paul Longley Arthur) Voices from the West End: Stories, People and Events that Shaped Fremantle (Perth: Western Australian Museum, 2012).

Occasional Publications

History of the OUCC [Oxford University Cricket Club] (Oxford: Holywell Press, 1962).

Planters and Pacific Islanders (Melbourne: Longmans, 1968).

(with Wendy Birman) Augustus Charles Gregory (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1972).

(with David Williamson) The Australian Image, Counterpoint Forum (Perth: Murdoch University, 1982).

John Ramsden Wollaston: The Making of a Pioneer Priest (York, W. A.: Holy Trinity Church York Society, 1985).

(with Keith J. Solomon and Rob Watkins) Story of Australia (Tunbridge Wells: World Book, 1987).

Who Owns Australia's Past? Inaugural lecture delivered at The University of Queensland, 18 March 1992 (Brisbane, University of Queensland Press, 1993).

The Muses in Quest of a Patron (Perth: School of Music, University of Western Australia, 1996).

Crossroads:, The Murdoch Lecture for 2000 (Perth: Murdoch University, 2000).

Why Is Robert Philp Worth Remembering? Who Was Robert Philp? Sir Robert Philp Lecture Series, Number 1 (Townsville: Townsville City Council, 2008).

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