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J. M. R. Cameron

James McDonald Rapson Cameron, 1942-

Cameron, J. M. R. & E. K. G Jaggard eds 1977, Western Australian Readings, Churchlands College, Perth. Available online.

Cameron, J. M. R. 1977, Coming to Terms : The Development of Agriculture in Pre-convict Western Australia, Dept of Geography, UWA.

Cameron, J. M. R. 1979, 'The foundation of Western Australian reconsidered', Studies in Western Australian History, 3: 1-17.

Cameron, J. M. R. 1981, Ambition’s Fire: The Agricultural Colonization of Pre-Convict Western Australia, University of Western Australia Press.

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Cameron, J. M. R. & Phyllis Ann Barnes, 2014, Lieutenant Bunbury's Australian Sojourn: The Letters and Journal of Lieutenant H. W. Bunbury, 21st Royal North British Fusiliers 1834-1837, Hesperian Press.

Cameron, J. M. R. & Phyllis A. Barnes 2017, The Australind Journals of Marshall Waller Clifton Chief Commissioner for the Western Australian Company, Hesperian Press.

Moore, George Fletcher 2006, The Millendon Memoirs: George Fletcher Moore's Western Australian Diaries and Letters, 1830-1841, ed. J. M. R. Cameron, Hesperion Press.

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