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John K. Ewers

John Keith Ewers, ... teacher and writer, was born on 13 June 1904 at Subiaco, Perth, second son of Victorian-born parents Ernest Ewers, orchardist, and his wife Annie Eliza, née Gray. ... Educated at James Street Intermediate and Perth Modern schools, in 1923 Ewers served as a monitor at the Thomas Street primary school, Subiaco, before attending Claremont Teachers College. The Australian Journal published (1924) his first short story, under the nom-de-plume, 'J. K. Waterjugs'. ... Gregory & Shepherd, ADB.

Fellowship of Australian Writers WA

In June 1938 an American writer, Hartley Grattan, visited Perth. Katharine Susannah Prichard and John K. Ewers organised a dinner for him with eleven local writers. Grattan suggested to Jesse Hammond, the oldest writer present, that he urge John K. Ewers to form an organisation where writers could meet and support each other. After discussions with Henrietta Drake-Brockman, Gavin Casey and others, the new Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) first met in October 1938. John K. Ewers was elected as Foundation President. Rather than create a separate group, these early writers formed a Western Australian Section of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, which had been founded in Sydney in 1928.


Ewers, John K. 1971, The Western Gateway: A History of Fremantle, Fremantle City Council, with UWAP, rev. ed. [1st ed. 1948]. Appendices only available on this site.

Tales from the Dead Heart (Sydney, 1944)

Men Against the Earth (Melbourne, 1946)

For Heroes to Live In (Melbourne, 1948)

Harvest and Other Stories (Sydney, 1949)

Who Rides on the River? (Sydney, 1956)

Bruce Rock (1959)

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