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Bob Reece

Bob Reece was Professor in History at Murdoch University, Western Australia.


Reece, R. [Bob] & R[ob]. Pascoe 1983, A Place of Consequence: A Pictorial History of Fremantle, Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Fremantle.

Reece, Bob ed. 1991, Exiles from Erin; Convict Lives in Ireland and Australia, Gill & Macmillan, Dublin.

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Reece, Bob 2004, The White Rajahs of Sarawak: A Borneo Dynasty, Archipelago Press, Singapore.

Reece, Bob 2007, Daisy Bates: Grand Dame of the Desert, NLA, Canberra.

Reece, Bob 2014, The Invincibles: New Norcia's Aboriginal Cricketers 1879-1906, Histrionics, Fremantle.

Articles &c.

Reece, Bob ed. 2000, 'The Irish in Western Australia', Studies in Western Australian History, 20.

Reece, Bob 2005, 'The Reverend George King and Fremantle', Fremantle Studies, 4: 32-49. [See also: George King.]

Reece, Bob 2006, 'How Fremantle's first newspaper was hoaxed', ABR, October, no. 285.

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Reece, Bob 2012, 'Fremantle's first historian: Joseph Keane Hitchcock', Fremantle Studies, 7: 33-50.

Reece, Bob 2016, 'Lionel Holdsworth: Fremantle's convict aristocrat', FHS Newsletter, in two parts: JulyOctober.

Reece, Bob 2017, 'The Fremantle History Society, 1994-2014', Fremantle Studies, 9: 79-87. [See also: FHS.]


Reece, Bob 2002-03, Review of First Fleet to Federation: Irish supremacy in colonial Australia by Jarlath Ronayne, ABR, no. 247.

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