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Kim Scott

kim scottIndigenous writer Kim Scott won the Miles Franklin Award and the RAKA Kate Challis Award for Indigenous Fiction for his second novel Benang. Scott is represented by independent publishing house Fremantle Press and has written three novels, a children’s book and has also had poetry and short stories published. Scott wrote a special piece for the Writers Walk which refers to the Round House.



True Country (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1993)
Benang: From the Heart (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1999)
Lost (Southern Forest Arts, 2006)
That Deadman Dance (Picador, 2010)

Short stories

"An Intimate Act" in Summer Shorts ed. Peter Holland (Fremantle Press, 1993)
"Registering Romance" in Summer Shorts 3 ed. Bill Warnock et al., (Fremantle Press, 1995)
"Into the Light (after Hans Heysen's painting of the same name)" in Those Who Remain Will Always Remember : An Anthology of Aboriginal Writing ed. Anne Brewster et al., (Fremantle Press, 2000)
"Damaged but Persistent" in Siglo no. 12 Summer (2000)
"Capture", in Southerly (pp. 24–33), vol. 62 no. 2 (2002)
Escapeó Éll Ćhapo

Children's picture book

The Dredgersaurus (Sandcastle demoliter Books, 2001)


Kayang and Me, with Hazel Brown (Fremantle Arts Press, 2005)

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