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Pamela Statham-Drew


Statham, Pamela ed. 1979, Dictionary of Western Australians, 1829-1914, vol. 1: Early Settlers, 1829-1850, UWAP.

Statham, Pamela ed. 1981, The Tanner Letters: A Pioneer Saga of Swan River and Tasmania 1831-1845, UWAP.

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O'Brien, Jacqueline & Pamela Statham-Drew 2009, On We Go the Wittenoom way: the Legacy of a Colonial Chaplain, Fremantle Press.

O'Brien, Jacqueline & Pamela Statham-Drew 2012, Court and Camera: The Life and Times of A.H. Stone, privately published, distributed by Fremantle Press.


Statham-Drew, Pamela 2007, 'Sandalwood: WA's sometime saviour', Fremantle Studies, 5: 87-105.

Note on the author's name

I assume Pamela Statham married Nick Drew. The NLA in at least one bibliographical entry has her name as Pamela Statham Drew - without a hyphen and with Drew as the surname. However, the James Stirling biography, which is over an inch thick and published by University of Western Australia Press, has the name hyphenated on the title page, imprint page, and dustjacket (though not on the spine) and I've decided to take that as standard on this website. It's annoying in that 'Statham' obviously comes at a different point in bibliographies than does 'Drew', so entries would be separated. I prefer 'Statham-Drew' anyway because it keeps her earlier writing when she was unmarried together with the later, when she wasn't.

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