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Bank of Australasia (2)

Bank of Australasia, 1934, 93-95 High Street

Nos. 93-95 High Street. Builder: Richard Rennie.
Economic Stores, a small department store, occupied an earlier building on this site from 1900. The Bank of Australasia bought it c. 1934 and the original building was demolished. The existing building was completed in 1938 and comprised banking chambers, strongrooms and a shop. The manager’s residence was upstairs, a common practice at the time. The bank continued to operate there until 1952, when it was bought by the government and became the Fremantle Radiological Clinic. To attempt the eradication of tuberculosis, which was epidemic in the early 1950s, the government introduced compulsory chest X-rays in 1952. This reduced the number of cases significantly by the end of the 1950s and the clinic was eventually closed in 1984. For the next ten years the building was occupied by the Fremantle Coastal Districts Branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. Hutchison.

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