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Stirling Bridge

Fremantle has had arguably five road bridges crossing the Swan River, two of which remain.
North Fremantle Bridge aka High Level Bridge, 1866-1909
Low Level Bridge, 1898-1909
Renovated High Level Bridge, 1909-1939/1947
Fremantle Traffic Bridge, 1939-
Stirling Bridge, 1974-
A new bridge is now (2020) planned to replace the existing Traffic Bridge.


The Stirling Bridge, over which Stirling Highway goes, was opened in 1974 by Premier Charles Court. Like the road, it's named for the first Governor of WA, James Stirling.

This map, supplied to the Fremantle Society Facebook page 5 June 2020 by Deputy Mayor Andrew Sullivan, contains a set of proposals for the replacement of the present Traffic Bridge, new train lines, and a realignment of the truck route to avoid the centre of North Fremantle.

References and Links

Brief note about the Stirling Bridge construction in Fremantle, the newsletter of the Fremantle Society: November 2000.

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