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Webb building

12 High Street, 1897

12 high

Heritage Council:
The earliest rates records indicate an office in 1897 occupied by R G Webb, land agent. It was various shops and offices including a tea rooms in the basement in early 1900s. 
From 1984 the building was occupied by Fremantle Dept of Health and Quarantine, whose earlier premises a couple of doors away was taken over by the Federal America's Cup Office.
Currently (2002), various commercial uses.
Two storey rendered building with a zero setback from the pavement and an adjoining single level entrance; the entrance and the large main window are arched, stucco architraved and flanked by columns. There is low pier balustrading engaged above the ground floor cornice and on the parapet, which has a simple pediment. The central window on the first floor has solid mullions, narrower timber windows sit either side the central windows.
The place is a modest example of a commercial building dating from the first decades of the twentieth century that forms part of a group of similar places and makes a contribution to the streetscape of the Old Port City of Fremantle. The place is significant because, when viewed from the street, it is a substantially intact example of a commercial building which contributes to the very significant Old Port City of Fremantle. This place is significant as an example of restrained free classical architecture. Heritage Council.

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