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Barnett house

13 Barnett St

barnett house

Barnett Street is named for its most significant resident, Henry Calvert Barnett, who was Superintendent of the Asylum and then Colonial Surgeon. His house has stood since 1896-97 overlooking Fremantle Park, at 13 Barnett St. He died in 1897, so did not occupy it for long. His wife continued to live there until 1899 (PO directory).

Barnett succeeded Dr Dickey as Superintendent of Fremantle Asylum in 1872. He was Colonial Surgeon until 1895 when the office was abolished. He worked chiefly in Fremantle. His articles on 'Australiana' earned him a Fellowship of the Royal Geographic Society. Barnett was a member of the first Medical Board in 1894. He resided in Quarry Street near Shuffrey [Street]. Fremantle Library.

barnett house

The c1940 photo shows the rear of the Barnett house. Photograph from the Fremantle Library local history collection #1722. Photographer: I. N. Branson, from Bushells Building.

13 barnett

Appendix 5 to David Hutchison, History of Fremantle Park, 2009, published on this site courtesy of the author, copyright © David Hutchison 2009.

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