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The Broadway


The building still standing at the western end of the High St Mall, opposite Barney Silbert's corner, was apparently once called The Broadway. It is now a 7/Eleven. Wendy Lockhart reminds me that it was also the Sussan corner. Nixon took a photo of High St in 1896 which is reproduced in Hitchcock: 84. It shows this building with pediments as above, including the winged bird which no longer exists - tho the other ornamentation remains.

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Thanks to John Dowson for both images. He writes as follows in a Fremantle Society newsletter:
You have never seen the postcard at the top of the page. It is a postcard so rare the Battye Library doesn't even have a copy. Safe in a Swanbourne private collection it tells a story of a proud, thriving, and essential Fremantle business c1900.  Below it is today's reality, with the original shopfront gone, replaced with soulless sheets of plate glass, highlighting a shop selling overpriced junk food. And another 7/11 lurks nearby in another Silverleaf tenancy.  Looming over it all is the large glass box, totally alien to the gold rush roofscapes of Fremantle, also courtesy of Silverleaf.

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