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Frank Cadd Building

1890, 33 Phillimore Street


The Frank Cadd Building at 33 Phillimore Street, 1890. Known later as Fares House, it was built for an importer, JM Ferguson. The new part of the NDU School of Health Sciences building is adjoining, on the corner of Henry St. On the other, western side is His Majesty's Hotel, on the corner of Mouat Street. Frank Cadd was Fremantle Mayor 1904-05.

Built 1890. In 1959 it was the Frank Cadd Company's building, adjacent to single storey, cgi warehouses, since demolished and now a [new NDU building]. LEP Transport International were owners c1974, when proposed office development plans by Max Poole architect were submitted. Previously, 2002 Fares Rural Co. Pty Ltd. University of Notre Dame purchased the property in January 2004.
Two storey and enclosed half basement, rendered stone building with a bracketed parapet and a zero set back from the pavement. The parapet has low pier balustrade with '1890' appearing. There is ashlar effect quoining and to the engaged pilasters on the ground floor, which has an arched entrance and windows. 'Fares House' appears below the first floor sash windows, (probably not original). Heritage Council.

Hutchison writes that only the facade remains and that the building behind it was completed 1987 - tho it looks like stone to me - but what would I know?

In 2019 the building is now part of Notre Dame University's School of Health Sciences, together with a new Marcus Collins building to the east on what was a carpark.

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