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Grosvenor Hospital

151 South Street, Beaconsfield, cnr Field Street


George Davies' house, c. 1890, later the Grosvenor Hospital, and then an ashram.
This is a view you can't see from the street, as the house is on a limestone hill which was cut through to make South Street more easily negotiable. I believe it was called the Lefroy Cutting, as it was adjacent to H.M. Lefroy's farm.

Grosvenor Hospital was built as a private residence in 1880 [? I suggest this is a typo for 1890] by G.A. Davies on land originally owned by Mr Curedale. In 1898 it was sold to Sister Scott for conversion to a private hospital. Since the 1980s it has been the Beacon Yoga Centre aka Sivananda Ashram. Text and 1982 photo #4976 from the Fremantle Library.

Heritage Council:
Aesthetically significant as a fine example of Fremantle’s vernacular architecture. Typical single storey stone residence dating from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Historically significant as a representation of working people’s living conditions in the Fremantle area. Has undergone significant alterations but original form remains intact.
Two storey painted stone ground floor and weatherboard clad to first floor and a zincalume hipped roof former residence and hospital, set above street level and retained by limestone. The building has dropped verandahs supported by timber posts between balustrades and are partly enclosed.

In charge of the hospital at one time was Matron Field, who was from South Australia, and has been remembered in the name of the street which the hospital entrance faced.

George Alfred Davies also owned the Grosvenor Cellars in Bannister Street, and I assume he named both the wine store and the house/hospital, if not also the street. There was a training restaurant at the Beaconsfield TAFE that was called the Grosvenor Restaurant - it was in that street.

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