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Manning Chambers

1-5 William Street, Cavanagh & Cavanagh, 1902-06

Manning Chambers is at 1-5 William St, and is older than the rest of the Manning buildings (which extend the length of the High Street Mall and into Market Street).

Photo of Manning Chambers, 1-5 William St, 1985, by Skip Watkins, from Fremantle Library Local History Collection #E000262: The Manning Chambers of 1-5 William Street, were built by the Manning family who emigrated to Australia sin the 1830s and became the biggest landowners in Fremantle. The Manning buildings were built from 1902 to 1906 for a cost of £2,243, as an investment, by the trustees for the Manning Bros Estate. The National Trust assessment cites Cavanagh & Cavanagh as the main architects for the buildings with various builders for the different stages. The buildings house various retail and commercial uses. Part of a project funded by the City of Fremantle to photograph National Trust classified properties in Fremantle.


Fire brigade map, 1952, of the High St Manning buildings and vicinity.

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