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Market Street burial ground

From a 2017 article by Steve Errington, 'Fremantle 1829-1832: an illustrated history', published in Fremantle Studies 9:


In his book A Colony Detailed Ian Berryman lists 19 deaths in Fremantle in 1830 but the cemetery in Alma Street wasn't opened until 1831. The 1833 plan indicates that lots 433 and 448, shown in maroon, in Market Street were 'reserved to the Crown, being the site of the original Burial Ground'. Errington: 20. [His footnote. Ian Berryman, A colony detailed: the first census of Western Australia 1832, Creative Research 1979, pp 159-62.]

[Errington has added the black line and pasted the 'legend' up from the bottom of the same map.]

Footnotes and Links

Berryman, Ian 1979, A Colony Detailed: The First Census of Western Australia 1832, Creative Research.

Errington, Steve 2017, 'Fremantle 1829-1832: an illustrated history', Fremantle Studies, 9: 15-29. The reference Errington gives for the map is: SROWA, cons 3868/109.

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