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St Paul's Anglican Church Beaconsfield

162 Hampton Road Beaconsfield, built 1905/1906 by Hooley Brothers Palmyra to J.H. Eales' design

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St Paul's began in 1892 with the building of the Mission Hall [known as the St John's Mission Hall - see the Western Mail article below]. Weddings have been performed from 1897 until the present day and the Marriage Register is kept with the Parish Records. The foundation stone of the present church was laid on 23 August 1905. The church choir was established not long after the First World War and has continued to the present day. In the mid 1970s St Paul's combined with St John's Fremantle. St Paul's was re-established as a parish in its own right 30 June 1997. Church website.

Fremantle Library photo#1586B, c. 1912, Reverend F T Bowen standing outside St Paul's. He was rector from March 1911 to 30th June 1932. The church was built in 1906 and in 1914 two front porches were added at a cost of 400 pounds.

st pauls

Fremantle Library photo #1586A, nd. The Foundation stone for this church was laid 23.08.1905 by His Excellency Admiral Sir Frederick Bedford, G C B, Governor of Western Australia. The architect was J.H. Eales, the builder Messrs Hooley Brothers and the building cost 1536 pounds. The building was completed in 1906 and the two front porches added in 1914. Reverend Bowen is standing in front.

Western Mail:
The annual Christmas fete in connection with St. Paul's Church, Beaconsfield (formerly St. John's Mission Hall) was opened on December 15 [1897], when the whole of the building, with the new additions, was used for the first time. The opening ceremony was performed by the Bishop of Perth. The old building was 42ft. by 21ft. This has been increased by the erection of a cross aisle measuring 66ft. by 21ft. Two porches have, also been provided at the west end of the old hall, and three stained glass windows have been placed in the east end. Handsome ventilating panels have been placed round the eaves, and a dado has been boarded throughout the building, which has also been improved by stuccoing all round.
Bishop RILEY, who was received by the Rev. E. Saunders, curate in charge of the Beaconsfield section of the parish, and by Messrs. Howard, Evans, B John, and T. John, members of the church committee, said that he had to extend his hearty congratulations to the people of Beaconsfield upon the activity they had displayed in the extension of their old mission hall building. He was glad to see this, in as much as it indicated the breaking up of the enormous parish of Fremantle into separate parishes. He was pleased to see the spirit shown by the people of Beaconsfield, and to be informed that the congregation was increasing numerically and that the offertories were rising. From the general prosperity of the parish he was sure that every indication existed that before long their present building would be found too small to accommodate the worshippers, and he expected to be called upon to consecrate a church more adequate to the requirements of this part of the parish of Fremantle. He announced that he would be at Beaconsfield on Sunday next to conduct confirmation service, when he hoped the building would be crowded. In declaring the new church open he wished the curate in charge, and the controllers of the parish, God speed.
The building was tastefully laid out with stalls, which were controlled as follows:- Fancy stalls: Miss Edwards, assisted by Mrs. Stone, Mrs. T. Barrett, Mrs. Crome, and Miss John ; Miss Hancock and Mrs. Kibble, Miss Mary Hancock and Miss Flindell. Refreshment stall: Mrs. Mansell, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Marshall, Misses L. Hancock, M. Crome and Rachel Edwards. Japanese stall: Mesdames D. and B. John. General stall: Miss Saunders, assisted by Mrs. H. Wilson, Misses Lodge and Attwell, "Fish Pond" : Miss Evans, Miss C. Evans and Mrs. Lloyd. Shooting gallery: Mr. J. Lloyd. Fortune-teller: Miss Marie. Western Mail, 24 December 1897, p. 46.

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St Paul's website

Western Mail, 24 December 1897, p. 46.

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