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There was a Fremantle Baseball Club in the 1930s. The evidence of that is these three photos in the Fremantle City Library Local History Collection, ref nos 2452-2454.

Fremantle Baseball Club 1936:
Back row: from left: Walter West (2nd base); Jack Paine (1st base); Dick Middleton (outfield); Alby Smith (outfield); Joe Armstrong (short stop). Kneeling: George Hammond; Hedley Whitbread (pitcher); George Leek (coach); N Toope. Mascot: Walter West Junior. Photo F.C. Hitch.

Fremantle Baseball Club 1938:
Back row: from left: Dick Middleton; Bill Sheldrake (outfield); Frank Medlen; Ernie Tidy (3rd base); Jack Paine (pitcher). Kneeling: Dick Hickmott (1st base); Hedley D Whitbread (short stop); Alby Smith (outfield); George Leek (coach). Seated: Allen Harken (catcher); Joe Armstrong (2nd base). Photo F.C. Hitch.

Fremantle Baseball Club 1938
Standing behind are: from left: Jack Paine; Billy (Cocky) Roach; Arthur Read; .....; Ernie Pass; Jack Monaghan. Kneeling: Bill Sheldrake; .....; Allen Harken. Seated: Hedley D Whitbread; Alby Smith. Photo F.C. Hitch.

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