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Errington 2012:
The people of Fremantle saw their first football match on Wednesday 14 October 1868 when the Temperance Society played and defeated the town by two games to one. The venue was the Fremantle Green at the northern end of Cliff Street, by the jetty.

South Fremantle Football Club

Errington 2012:
... Fremantle Union Football Club. The appearance of this club was the most noteworthy development of the 1884 season. Unions under two different names would win ten Victorian Rules premierships and are the club to which the South Fremantle Football Club traces its roots.

... At a meeting in O’Beirne’s Club Hotel (formerly the Emerald Isle) on 20 April 1900 the South Fremantle Football Club was formed. They kept Fremantle’s colours, trainer, home ground and players. Fourteen of South Fremantle’s inaugural eighteen players had played for Fremantle.

East Fremantle Football Club

Errington 2012:
In April 1897 the Town of East Fremantle had been formed from Fremantle’s east ward comprising the localities of Plympton and Richmond. There was already an East Fremantle Cricket Club in the West Australian Cricket Association competition and, at a meeting in the Commercial Hotel on 6 April 1897, the East Fremantle Football Club was formed. Tom Wilson was elected captain with Dolly Christie as vice captain.

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