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The first Fremantle Club was housed in what had been Lodge's Hotel, at 1 Henry Street. Lodge's Castle Hotel had been built in 1876, but lost its licence in the 1890s. It then became a seminary, a school for young ladies, and then the Fremantle Club, an organisation serving the needs of Fremantle businessmen. After the Fremantle Club moved on, the building was available for the use of the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club, which purchased it in 1914 from the AMP Society for £2000.

Ron Davidson:
By the 1880s Fremantle was controlled by fifteen self-made and self-satisfied merchants who believed their hegemony should be complete and extend over both the colony's economy and the social and sporting lives of its lower orders. They moved into what was by then a coffee palace and made it into a grand display of leather chairs, cigars and fine imported furniture. Here they could ponder their own importance and wonder that their shops were trading at ports as far away as China. The exclusivity of Perth's Weld Club had come to Henry Street and was called the (first) Fremantle Club. Members were waited on at elaborate dinners by Chinese servants wearing immaculately pressed white linen outfits. No women were allowed in ... Ron Davidson, The Clubs: 99.

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