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About the Workers Club

The Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club was founded in 1914 in the three-storey Lodge's Castle Hotel, built in the 1860s at 1 Henry St (now a carpark). The club soon gained ownership of the building. It was thought, in 1956, that a larger (tho one-storey) bespoke building was required, so lots 59 and 60 (7-9) Henry Street were acquired, and the club moved there, later selling the Castle Hotel site. In 2011 the Committee decided that the club was no longer viable, and began the process of winding up the organisation and selling its assets. This was interrupted by Don Whittington, who succeeded in borrowing money, re-opening the building and running the club for another few years. It was (apparently) still necessary to sell the property to pay off the debt, however, and the deal was concluded in April 2015. Most of the money acquired from the sale went towards the construction of a new facility in Fremantle Park, which is shared with the Tennis and Bowling Clubs, whose previous premises were also demolished. All three formed the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre from 2020. Workers Club members meet on a Sunday afternoon, with a band and dancing.


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