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WA Clubs

Perth Clubs

Agricultural Society.

Exchange Club, 15 November 1893, leased 1893-1897 Lionel Samson's house, NW corner of Barrack Street and St George's Terrace until it was sold (in 1895). Became the West Australian Club in 1897.

Hunt Club. See Alexandra Hasluck, Portrait with Background (1955), for a brief mention. The members hunted kangaroos.

Karrakatta Club (1894) moved to Lawson Apartments in 1984, then ANZAC House on the Terrace. Founded by Edith Cowan, inter alia. Became the RSL. See its history (pdf).

Modern Women's Club, started by Katharine Susannah Prichard.

Penguin Club. Founded in Sydney in 1937. The first meeting of the Western Australian Branch was held in Perth on the 8th June 1945. One of the first organisations to give women the opportunity to develop communication skills, in an era when women were not active in public life.

Perth Club, est. 1883 as an alternative to the Weld Club.

Rotary Club, initiated by Sir William Lathlain, businessman, parliamentarian and Lord Mayor of Perth.

Thatched Roof Club, Augusta, c. 1832, of which Alfred Bussell was secretary. See Wendy Birman, ‘Alfred Bussell’, ADB, 3.

Turf Club, founded 1852.

Weld Club, est. 1871, leased 1875-1892 Lionel Samson's house, NW corner of Barrack Street and St George's Terrace, then moved to its own premises, 3 Barrack Street, cnr The Esplanade.

West Australian Club 1840. 'An institution called the West Australian Club was set up in 1840 but it seems to have been more of a reading room. Its membership was made up of small tradesmen, which does not accord with the make-up of a club on London lines.' Paul de Serville, citing Stannage 1979: 76.

West Australian Club, est. 1897, based on its predecessor Exchange Club, occupied Sir William Thorley Loton's (original) house at 46 St George's Terrace, next to the Samson House; a new building was constructed for the club on that site, opening in 1907; the club remained at that address until 1970, when it moved to 18 The Esplanade 1970-1996, moving again to 101 St George's Terrace, changing its name to The West Australian Club Inc. in 1979; the club moved again into Level 11, 12 St George's Terrace in 2014; it went into liquidation in 2018; a new organisation called The Western Australian Club Heritage was formed

Clubs Elsewhere

The Albany Club is the second oldest gentlemen's club in the state (after the Weld Club), having been founded in 1890. It is aka Aberdeen House.

Albany Agricultural Society, 88 Cockburn Road, Centennial Park WA 6330 (1889).


(Guildford) Agricultural Society (later Royal ...)


Hannans Club, 44 Brookman Street, Kalgoorlie.

Kalgoorlie Country Club, 108 Egan Street.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club.

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