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Fremantle Rotary Club


Unlike most of the other clubs noted on this site, the Rotary Club has never needed its own building to exist: it is more of an idea than a place.

The meeting which brought the Club into existence was held in the Chamber of Commerce building, but the first meetings were held in the Orient Hotel, beginning either 11 July or 28 September 1928, as Jack Lee gives those and other dates, in his usual casual style (pp. 7-10).

According to his unreliable history, further meetings were held at the Cleopatra Hotel, the Four Seasons Restaurant, the Rendezvous Cafe, the Cabin Tea Rooms, the Fremantle Club (Bannister Street), Ivanhoe Lodge, the (second) Masonic Hall (High Street east, cnr Chalmers Street), and then in the Dominion Room of the Fremantle Trotting Club (Richmond Raceway).

In 2021, the Club meets twice a month at the Fremantle Sailing Club.

References and Links

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Fremantle Rotary Club website.

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