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Fremantle City Council after elections in October 2019: Geoff Graham, Marija Vujcic, Doug Thompson, Frank Mofflin, Jenny Archibald, Bryn Jones, Su Groome, Brad Pettitt ([now former] Mayor), Hannah Fitzhardinge, Sam Wainwright, Rachel Pemberton, Adin Lang, Andrew Sullivan (Deputy Mayor)

FCC Elections 2021

Postal voting closed 1800 Saturday 16 October, with the result announced before midnight.
The position of mayor was vacant, with the now Honourable Dr Bradley Pettitt having been elected to the Legislative Council.


Candidates for mayor

Adele Carles | Martin Douthwaite | Hannah Fitzhardinge | Rod Grljusich | Marija Vujcic

Candidates for council

BeaconsfieldFedele Camarda, Felix Pal.

CityMia Kriznic, Adin Lang (2017-2021), Craig Ross.

EastJenny Archibald (2017-2021).

HiltonJason Amaranti, Patrick Glynn, Ben Lawver.

NorthDoug Thompson (1988-2021), Mark Woodcock.

SouthSteven Pynt, Jennifer Suffling, Andrew Sullivan (2009-2021).


Adele Carles

I remember a better Fremantle. With leadership and a bold vision, we can put Freo back on the map. It starts with listening to the needs of the community and businesses and a return to sound financial management. With experience as the former State MP for Fremantle, auditor, bankruptcy trustee, commercial lawyer, and a 20-year track record in standing up for Fremantle, I’m up for the job. It’s time to play to our strengths. We have this fabulous, historic Port City; it's time to bring people back. That’s why I’m promoting a major tourism drawcard, right in the heart of Freo, like a world-class Aboriginal Cultural Centre. A big anchor tenant will solve Freo’s financial woes and will have a multiplier effect for our businesses. I'm independent, paying for my own run, ready to work with you.
Mobile: 0407 197 005
Social Network Address:

Martin Douthwaite

I am a Freo Local - here to stand up for Fremantle. I grew up here and attended local schools including JC Performing Arts College. After completing two degrees in Melbourne, I returned as a graduate nurse to work in Fremantle Hospital's ICU before it closed. I then moved to Paediatric ICU, before taking the leap into remote area nursing where I work closely with outback indigenous communities. I am a local business owner, with 10 years+ experience on Body Corporates, as either Chair or Committee member and enjoy seeing action and progress in my roles. I can no longer watch decisions being made that erode the fabric of Fremantle life. I want us to reach our full potential, get priorities right and put Freo back on the world stage! Your vote would be in support of my intention document.
Mobile: 0412 837 120
Postal Address: 9 Stirling FREMANTLE 6160

Hannah Fitzhardinge

A passion for Freo, optimism about our future, and the skills, energy and experience to deliver for ratepayers - that’s why I’m running for Mayor. We need to focus on the basics (footpaths, parks, sports facilities) across our suburbs, making sure everyone feels they are equally part of Fremantle. Our economics are challenging, we need to see Notre Dame paying rates, maintenance of the Roundhouse paid by the State, and better opportunities for retail and creative industries. As a businessperson, professional facilitator and experienced governance expert, I will bring a fresh approach to leading Fremantle. If elected Mayor of Fremantle, I will always listen to and consult with the community to ensure we make the best possible decisions and build a brighter, positive future for Fremantle.
Mobile: 0466 077 812
Social Network Address:,,

Rod Grljusich

Passionate and Professional Reclamation of Fremantle - I was born in East Fremantle. Bred in the town of Fremantle. Some say I have a surname synonymous with the town due to a generational family with a community, working, sporting and political history. Others, that I should run for Mayor. I have been urged to represent them in a reclamation of a once upon a time safe, successful and vibrant city. Vagrants, rough riders, high crime levels, epidemic street drug use, under resourced police, unsafe environments and business decimation currently reputes the town. Even more alarming is the threat of job loss and rights reduction for hard working Australians eg 19.3 clause council enterprise bargaining agreement. I Want Your Vote. Rod Grljusich - Independent - For Mayor
Mobile: 0422 465 463
Social Network Address:

Marija Vujcic

Marija lives in South Fremantle and is a Human Resource Consultant working with small businesses. Marija was elected as an independent South Ward Councillor in 2019; she stands by her oath to, “Duly, honestly and with integrity, fulfil the duties of the office for the people.” Marija does not support rate increases that are greater than CPI, and her strong financial scrutiny revealed an $8.5m loss FY19/20. She advocates for complete transparency, good governance, and improved community services. As a Councillor, Marija's dedication to the mayoral position does not conflict with politics, ideology or a career move to State Parliament. As your next Mayor, Marija has a vision for a future as strong as our past. She has Freo’s Back! Marija Vujcic - Independent for Change
Mobile: 0408 950 446
Social Network Address: Vujcic for Mayor of Fremantle

Beaconsfield Ward

Fedele Camarda

My wife and I have lived in Beaconsfield for over 20 years. Our children attended local schools. Supporting and growing local community groups and business' is important to us. Coming from a teaching background I believe communication is important to ensure a balanced, cooperative approach to any consultation process. I believe that Local Government needs to act in the interests of rate payers first. It's important to focus on local issues and develop policies supporting safe, family friendly communities, while exercising prudent financial management. As a 4th generation crayfisher I respect Fremantle’s rich diverse heritage, that is intrinsically linked to the Port. It's important that we leverage off these unique attributes to create a diverse range of opportunity for future generations.
Mobile: 0429 041 578
Social Network Address:

Felix Pal

I am standing as a candidate for Beaconsfield, because this place shaped who I am. I want to replicate the strong community I grew up in on a larger scale, because it offered belonging, cooperation and mutual responsibility. This starts with good governance and transparency although I believe councillors should be community builders, not just technocrats. If I were elected I would advocate for a phased expansion of small community grants, continued community consultation during the Heart of Beaconsfield development, and commitment to facilitate both the infrastructure and knowledge needed to create the resilient community centres that we see in our neighbouring suburbs. I am a young, progressive and committed community organiser and a believer that our city can be better.
Mobile: 0455 337 350
Social Network Address:

City Ward

Mia Kriznic

My name is Mia Kriznic, I grew up in Fremantle, I am a proud John Curtin Graduate and a passionate local business owner who loves Fremantle and is running to be a voice for change and new leadership on Council in the upcoming election.
With your support, I intend to return Council's focus to restoring the Fremantle Town Centre to a thriving and vibrant CBD, that offers a more diverse range of retail shops, hospitality and business services that will strengthen the economy and make Freo a liveable city with something for everyone.
I will immediately work on addressing our Crime and Anti-social behaviour issues around Wool Stores and the Banks. I will stop the Council cost blow outs, ensure public assets like the Freo Leisure Centre are adequately funded, and bring back Freo's Festivals.
Mobile: 0427 654 414
Postal Address: 27 Market Street FREMANTLE 6160
Social Network Address:

Cr Adin Lang

Our city centre is ready to kick some goals. As City Ward councillor I’ve championed your interests to make our city a better place for residents, businesses, visitors and wildlife. As an MBA-qualified business owner my approach is proactive and measured: we need to increase our CBD population, but not at the expense of existing residents or heritage; we need to pursue smart development that benefits the community and supports local retail. Our city centre should feel safe; I’ve pushed for a new police station, cleaner streets and implemented programs to help those in need. Our city needs to be easily accessible to everyone; this means integrated transport options, including the CAT, to free up parking. Together, we can build on this momentum and deliver Fremantle’s next era of success.
Mobile: 0438 908 829
Postal Address: 139 South Terrace FREMANTLE 6160
Social Network Address:

Craig Ross

As a chartered accountant with 35 years of professional expertise, I will scrutinise the City’s current financial position, rate setting process, budget and spending priorities, asset management, property transactions and governance framework; my aim is to ensure transparent financial reporting. I am committed to addressing heritage, economic, urban planning, tourist and business development initiatives, and to improve local community services through the implementation of clean and safe amenities. I live in City Ward and am the treasurer of Fremantle Inner City Residents Association. Like many ratepayers, I have witnessed how Fremantle has declined in both character and culture; the key way to revitalise our City is to introduce change with professional and competent financial management.
Mobile: 0450 407 589
Social Network Address:

East Ward

Cr Jenny Archibald, former mayor, former president of the Fremantle Society

MY BACKGROUND: I have worked for our community as East Ward councillor and former Mayor, held board roles in several organisations including Fremantle Press, Rottnest Island Authority and State Library of WA, experience in business management and a Science degree
PAST 4 YEARS: along with council duties, in East Ward I focussed on upgrade of our public golf course, new community centre and mountain bike trails at Booyeembara Park, underpasses at Montreal and Forrest Sts and renewed Gibson Park playground
NEXT 4 YEARS: it is now time to focus on tired community facilities in our suburbs to meet community needs, plan effective beach management and improved planting programs given a changing climate, and strive for a brilliant Fremantle by working with our great community.
Mobile: 0417 985 152
Social Network Address:

Hilton Ward

Jason Amaranti

Jason is the Managing Director of Fremantle Metallurgy; he hails from Fremantle and attended Murdoch University. Jason’s vision is to create a hub in Fremantle that offers a wide range of services to local businesses. Key to this will be the creation of employment opportunities complete with training programs. The Hilton Ward is an undervalued and often neglected part of Fremantle. Samson Park and the Community Gardens are vital assets; it is essential that they be protected and enhanced. The Hilton Ward is a gateway into Fremantle and needs a solid vision, considered planning outcomes, investment into amenities and vital services to support the diverse community. Jason will work to unite small businesses and achieve the best value for ratepayers.
Mobile: 0421 211 932

Patrick Glynn

Hello, my name is Patrick Glynn and with your help I will be your strong and sincere voice on Council. This election is crucial to hold the existing Council to account for yet another rate increase of 3.95%. (Melville’s was zero percent and Cockburn’s was 1.5%). The CPI is only 1.1%. If elected I pledge to uphold Section 2.10 of the Local Govt Act - that being and I quote “The role of a Councillor is to uphold the interests of ratepayers”. In other words represent the majority! The current Council needs to recognise they have failed on many fronts - especially through persistent rate increases. They also budgeted $50 million on a new Council building and cannot afford it so have allocated $20 million in the Budget as borrowings. Vote Glynn as your choice to get Council to hear your voice.

Ben Lawver

A leader in the effort to try and save the local Hilton IGA, Ben Lawver is also active in the community as a member of the Hilton Harvest Community Garden, Friends of Samson Park, and is a founding member of the Hilton Organising Committee. If elected, Ben Lawver will be a councillor you can count on and he will work to ensure - Local residents have a say in how our community grows and develops - Support for locally owned small businesses - Services provided by the council are reflective of community expectations - Better communication between council and residents on issues that matter - Ben Lawver lives locally in the Hilton Ward with his wife Deana, their dog Jackson, a cat named ‘Lil Bean, and five chickens.
Mobile: 0424 828 473
Social Network Address: Facebook: Ben Lawver for Freo Council - Hilton Ward

North Ward

Cr Douglas Thompson is the incumbent.

I am a long-standing experienced councillor who engages with our community and connects with residents through door knocking and producing a regular newsletter. I understand local government, work effectively on local issues and represent Fremantle on a number of external organisations. I have a long- standing interest in waste minimisation/recycling and was instrumental in the introduction of FOGO and the Container Deposit Scheme. We do need to focus on the basics, (footpaths, services, parks, traffic). However North Ward also needs focus on High St changes, bridge redevelopment, traffic impacts, state government planning, future Leighton and McCabe St developments and beach/river erosion. I have the skills and experience to work on both the local and larger issues. I seek your support.
Mobile: 0405 307 152
Postal Address: 69 Thompson Road NORTH FREMANTLE 6159

Mark Woodcock

North Fremantle needs a long term plan & determined advocate for residents, as it has serious current traffic problems & major developments on the horizon. Fremantle must be clean, safe, inviting & interesting (bring back a focus on heritage). Increasing the tree canopy is also critical. Fremantle needs better financial management, starting with a reduction in the $50 million maintenance backlog - plus stopping asset sales. My family first came to Fremantle in the 1850s. I grew up in Fremantle and attended CBC. I have over 35 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. Thus, I particularly like the challenges of dealing with the port and its activities, as well as developing a more enticing CBD. I'm a chef, apiarist, gardener, lecturer, member of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club & FSC.
Mobile: 0414 749 308
Social Network Address:

South Ward

Steven Pynt

Steven lives in Beaconsfield and is a director of a legal practice in Fremantle. For over 40 years he has worked in both legal and accounting firms as well as small businesses. Steven has served on the boards of both public listed companies and not-for-profit groups; he is also an experienced Law and Ethics tutor. For the ratepayers of South Ward, he is planning new toilet & shower facilities at South Beach, a review of parking issues, and better planning decisions. Steven's substantial legal, business and financial experience will ensure greater transparency, accountability, compliance and ethical behaviour in all council dealings. He will also provide contractual review and oversight, which is currently lacking at Council. Steven is a member of the team of independents for change.
Mobile: 0411 708 591

Jennifer Suffling

I have lived in Beaconsfield for over ten years and hope to bring a number of exciting ideas to renew Fremantle, one being TAFE and higher learning information to the unwaged. Also, I want to make plans for arts events once Covid is over, to attract people into the city and to build on Fremantle's plans for the film industry.

Cr Andrew Sullivan, architect/developer

My passion is to stand up for Freo, my home since 1985. As a councillor for 18yrs, now acting mayor, I’ve helped deliver South Beach parks, a dog beach, basketball courts & the youth plaza, green links & urban forests. Together, we’ve created vibrant South Tce nodes & retained the CAT bus. My economic & planning strategies brought in $1.2bil of investment, bringing new life to Freo. I’ll work with you to grow the Heart of Beaconsfield & improve beach facilities. I offer my heritage and planning skills to help protect and revitalise our harbour city & support the sustainable industries we need. I love our multicultural, creative, & festive community. I’ll strive to make our city welcoming & safe. In the face of climate change and the port moving, my skills will help find creative solutions.
Mobile: 0407 447 972
Social Network Address:

A personal note

Who did I think would win? (@ Thursday 30 September).
I predicted in May that Hannah Fitzhardinge would win.

Mayor: Hannah Fitzhardinge
Beaconsfield: Fedele Camarda
City: Adin Lang
East: Jenny Archibald
Hilton: Ben Lawver
North: Doug Thompson
South: Steven Pynt (the only one I got wrong; sorry Andrew)

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