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North Fremantle Mayors and Councillors

North Fremantle, originally part of Fremantle, broke away in October 1895 to become an independent municipality. The first mayor was Daniel Keen Congdon. The two municipalities were reunited by an order of the Governor in Executive Council as from 1 November 1961. (Wikipedia page for City of Fremantle)

Daniel K. Congdon, first mayor, 1895-98, 1901-03

James Pearse, mayor 1898-1901, NF councillor 1895-1917

Ronald Oldham (1867-1937) mayor 1903-1904

Patrick Hevron, mayor 1905-06, NF councillor 1897-

John Keys (or Key), mayor 1905-1907

Robert Bracks, mayor 1907-1908, 1919-1924, 1931-1932, councillor 1901-1924. Bracks Street was named for him.

John Currie, mayor 1908-1910

E.H. Tomkinson, mayor 1910-1912

W.J. Craig, mayor 1912-1915

H.H. Bolton, mayor 1915-1919

John McCabe, mayor 1924-1931, also Secretary to the East Fremantle Football Club. McCabe Street and McCabe Place, North Fremantle, are named after him.

Arthur Turton, mayor 1943-1945, NF councillor 1919-32

R.A. Williams, mayor 1945-1948

G.F. Dedman, mayor 1948-49. The Gordon Dedman Reserve, in the community centre of North Fremantle, is named to honour him.

L.R. Charlton, mayor 1950-1951, as shown in the photo below.

William Walter (d.1977) last NF mayor 1951-1961, NF councillor 1940-52

G P Dedman, J P, was Mayor of North Fremantle in 1948/1949. The other Councillors are, clockwise from the top: S.T. Ruck; A.G. Pearse; Dr B.J. Hallion; H. Welshman; Clement Gough; M.J. Corkhill; C.P. Rule; R.J. Staples; T.E. Gammon, Town Clerk; W.H. Walter. Fremantle Library 1948 photo by F.R. Peterson, no. 1345.

North Fremantle Council in 1951. Fremantle Library Local History Collection image by FR Peterson #1855A and text: This was the Jubilee Year North Fremantle Council. Back row: from left: E T J Onions, Electrical Engineer; H R Lawrence, Works Foreman; Councillor Clement A. Gough; Councillor M J Corkhill; Councillor H Welshman; Councillor W H Walter; Councillor E E Mofflin; Councillor C P Rule; Councillor A G Pearse, J P. Front row: Miss S Feeney, Clerk; L R Charlton, Mayor; T E Gammon, A F A A, Town Clerk; S W Parks, Assistant Town Clerk; Councillor R J Staples.

W. White was a councillor 1895-1922.

Town of North Fremantle councillors 1895-1961

Data (incomplete) courtesy of Fremantle City Library

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