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Fremantle Clerks of Works ... CEOs

There was a Town Trust from 1848 with a chairman and five members but no clerk. As C. A. Manning was honorary rate collector, perhaps he could be seen as having served as the equivalent of a clerk.

Town Council from 1871

1871-73: George Thompson (as Clerk of Works)
1874-1904: George B. Humble JP (as Clerk of Works, then Town Clerk)

Municipal Council from 1883

1904-10: Samuel J. McMillan
1911-21: H. T. Haynes
1921-47: James Shepherd JP

City Council from 1929

1947-66: Noel J.C. McCombe
1966-83: S. W. Stan Parks (as City Manager)
1983-86: Ian F. Kinner
1986-88: Greg C. Pearce
1988-91: R. Malco
1880-93: Mario Carosella
1991-94: Patric deVilliers
1995-2004: Ray Glickman
2005-15: Graeme McKenzie
2016-21: Philip St John (as CEO)
2022- : Glen Dougall

Murray Edmonds was Assistant Town Clerk Fremantle in 1966.

George Thompson was an ex-solicitor from England and afterwards founded the firm of Thompson, Sendy and Company.

For the first 15 years of his term as town clerk G. B. Humble also held the position of headmaster of the Government Boys' School, and for 25 years of his term he was also secretary of the Fremantle Building Society.

References and Links (@ 9 December 2020) (This has a link to a PDF of councillors, which may be complete, but of staff it lists only the first four Town Clerks 1871-1921.)


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