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Early Days

Volume 10, 1989-1994

Vol. 10 Part 1 1989
cover The Old Perth Gaol
Joan Brockman, Captain Pemberton Walcott
Jim Anderson, Liveringa: fable, fact, farce and failure
Honniball, J. H. M. 1989, 'The early ministry of the Rev'd John Beukers, 1896-1901', Early Days, vol. 10, part 1: 39-56.
Doreen M. Renwick, Otto Lipfert: taxidermist to the Western Australian Museum 1894- 1942
William de Burgh, The stock route to Champion Bay
Cathie Clement, Monotony, manhunts and malice: East Kimberley law enforcement 1896-1908

Vol. 10 Part 2 1990
cover Proclamation tree
Tom Cullity, Vasse Felix Vineyard and West Australian wine growing
Judy Mitchell, The letters of Jack Carter Newman - 26 July 1915 to 3 June 1917
Rica Erickson, Lizzie's paradise', Early Days, vol. 10, part 2: 132-142.
David Black, The centenary of responsible government in Western Australia
R. G. Parks, The Bunbury town survey - A surveyor's view
Freda Vines Carmody, A bishop for all seasons - the Rt Reverend C.L. (Tom) Riley
Dorothy Erickson, 'In search of Fred and Alfred - convict jewellers in Western Australia': 181-193.
W.T. Graham, Edward John Eyre, explorer - 150 Years later

Vol. 10 Part 3 1991
cover: J.H., Captain (later Admiral) Sir James Stirling, RN
William J. de Burgh, The Smith family and the steam mill
Jean Farrant, Music in Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie and Boulder 1892-1908
McKenzie, John A. 1991, 'The first W.A. Council for civil liberties', Early Days, vol. 10, part 3: 249-264.
Chris Fyfe, The early days of wool in Western Australia
Suzanne Jacobs, Drachms, draughts and drugs
Patsy Sharp, Honey eaters: children of some Western Australian governors and their society
John Moynihan, Telephony in Western Australia 1887-1987
Sylvia Hallam, Some little known aborigines of the 1830s in the Perth area
J.H.M. Honniball, From York to Hollywood: Enid Bennett and her family

Vol. 10 Part 4 1992
cover: C.B.F., The Eucla Telegraph Station
Mel Jarvis, The de'il's awa' wi' the exciseman
A.E. (Bert) Williams, Cecil Andrews, Director of Education
Wendy Birman, Sandgropers immortalized: the Australian Dictionary of Biography - a Western Australian conspectus
Latter, Bill 1992, 'The night of the stones: The anti-German riots in Fremantle, 1915', Early Days, vol. 10 part 4: 387-395.
Barry Hanstrum, A history of tropical cyclones in the Southwest of Western Australia, 1830-1992
Ray Oldham, George Phillip Stevens

Vol. 10 Part 5 1993
Obituaries: Sir Paul and Dame Alexandra Hasluck
Bekle, H. & J. Gentilli 1993, 'History of the Perth lakes', Early Days, vol. 10, part 5: 489-500.
Ian D. Heppingstone, A whaling family
Martyn Webb, John Forrest and the Western Australian goldrushes
Patsy Sharp, A fair place: Christ Church, Claremont, 1892-1993
Nan Broad, Murchison drought - and the reactions of two men
J.L. d'Espeissis, A.J. d'Espeissis, agriculturalist, 1860-1927
Gay Eivers, South-West Railways: the memoirs of Arthur Eivers
Judith Anketell, Walker in the wilderness: R.J. Anketell, surveyor
Rica Erickson, 'Alfred Carson: an exceedingly clever and learned man': 549-560.

Vol. 10 Part 6 1994
cover: C.B.F., Commisariat and Court
John A. McKenzie, 'Bullant' McIntyre of Southern Cross
A.C. Staples, Spanish colonial influence on Sir James Stirling
Andrew Thomson, John Thomson - forester and conservationist
Mary Mennicken-Coley, The German Community and the Nazi Party in Western Australia in World War II
R.D. Nicholson, Seats of justice - courthouses as places of history
Allan Watson, Wollaston and women
James, Ruth Marchant 1994, 'Fremantle: the man and his family', Early Days, vol. 10, part 5: 659-669.
R.A. Joske, The establishment of the School of Medicine in Western Australia

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