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Early Days

Volume 2, 1932-1936

Vol. 2 Part 11 1932
T.G. Heydon, The early Church in Western Australia
J.E. Hammond, The Perth water front
W.L. Owen, Some experiences of an early Goldfields warden in Western Australia
J.M. Drew, Early Northampton - an undenominational Church

Vol. 2 Part 12 1932
Mary G. Durack, An outline of North Australian history - from Cambridge Gulf to the Victoria River , 1818-1887
Malcolm Uren, Coasters in the earlies
Rodney Downey, Some early legal cases in Western Australia
K.M. Wood, A pioneer Pearler - reminiscences of John Wood
The late Mrs Edith Cowan, O.B.E.

Vol. 2 Part 13 1933
The Rev'd C.A. Jenkins, Early years of the Methodist Church in Western Australia
G.P. Stevens, The east-west telegraph,1875-7
Paul Hasluck, Glimpses of early Perth and Fremantle, 1829-1839
Description of Perth : contained in a Letter written by Archibald Sands, Esq. to his son in Melbourne, in 1859
Reminiscences of Hannah Properjohn

Vol. 2 Part 14 1933
P.M. Durack, Pioneering the East Kimberleys
Dr. Cyril Bryan, The earliest medical history of Australia
Alma Jephson, Mrs John Locke of Australind

Vol. 2 Part 15 1934
The Rev'd P.U. Henn, French Exploration on the Western Australian Coast
Paul Hasluck, Travels in Western Australia , 1870-74 - Extracts from the
journal of Thomas Scott
H.E.B. Gull, Gold at Guildford

Vol. 2 Part 16 1934
The Rev'd H.R. Trenaman, Port Gregory and Lynton
Caldwell, Kate 1934, 'The voyage of Francois Alesne de Saint Allouarn, 1771-72', Early Days, vol. 2, part 16.
D.C. Cowan, Notes on the early days of Rottnest
Burton, The Rev'd Canon A. 1934, 'Beginnings', Early Days, vol. 2, part 16: 10-12.

Vol. 2 Part 17 1935
Alfred Carson, The Perth Boy's School
Burton, Rev'd C. A. 1935, 'Notes on three archdeacons - Thomas Hobbes Scott, John
Ramsden Wollaston, Matthew Blagden Hale
', Early Days, vol. 2, part 17: 20-27.
Katherine E. Shenton, The military ladies of Western Australia
The Rev'd P.U. Henn, The Tryal Rocks

Vol. 2 Part 18 1935
Dr. Cyril Bryan and F.I. Bray, Peter Nicholas Brown (1797-1846): First Colonial Secretary
of Western Australia (1829-1846)

Vol. 2 Part 19 1936
Stephens, Robert 1936, 'Major Edmund Lockyer'Early Days, Vol. 2, Part 19: 1-9.
Neville, A.O. 1936, 'Relations between settlers and aborigines in Western Australia', Early Days: Volume 2, Part 19: 10-46.
S.F. Cusack, Horse racing in Western Australia

Vol. 2 Part 20 1936
Bray, F. I. 1936, 'George Clifton, 1829-1913', Early Days, Vol. 2, Part 20: 1-25.
Stevens, G.P. 1936, 'Inauguration of the electric telegraph in Western Australia, 1869', Early Days, Vol. 2, Part 20: 26-30.
Owen, W.L. 1936, 'The building of Jarman Island Lighthouse, 1888', Early Days, Vol. 2, Part 20: 31-59.

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