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Early Days

Volume 6, 1962-1969

PART 1 1962
W.H. Anderson, Uncovering the Murchison
Stephens, Robert 1962, 'Possessory Lien—the First European Settlement, King George’s Sound, New Holland (1826-1831)'Early Days, vol. 6, part 1: 23-59.
R.R.B. Ackland, A History of Wongan Hills
Kelly G. J. 1962, 'A history of mining in the Geraldton district', Early Days, vol. 6, part 1: 78-96.
PART 2 1963
Ray Oldham, The Reminiscences of William Wade
L.R. Marchant, William Dampier: Source Materials for his Somerset Years 1651-1674
G. Spencer Compton, Block 45: First Lease of Golden Mile—Registered 4th July, 1893: Seventy Years Ago
Stephens, Robert 1963, Thomas Brooker Sherratt: Albany Merchant, Bay-Whaler, Ship-owner and Self-Appointed Builder and Lay Reader of Albany's Octagon Church', Early Days, vol. 6, part 2: 49-67.
Australia Day at Albany
PART 3 1964
J.H.M. Honniball, The Church on the Goldfields: Pioneers of the Nineties
Cara Cammilleri, Memoirs of a Kimberley Prospector: F. W. P. Cammilleri 1886-1889
I. D. Heppingstone, 'The Story of Alfred and Ellen Bussell: Pioneers of the Margaret River': 33-45.
Rica Erickson, Early Days at Bolgart
Marcus Conrad, The Foundation of British Rule in the West: H.M.C.S. Amity and H.M.S. Success
PART 4 1965
The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Incorp.): The Society's 40th Birthday
The Rev'd. Fr. Martin Newbold, Thomas Braidwood Wilson: Surgeon-Explorer-Farmer
Bryan Gandevia, Medicine and the History of the Community
Cara Cammilleri, Anthony Curtis: Merchant and Trader, 1830-1853
A. C. Staples, Marshall Waller Clifton
Mildred Manning, Life of Ernest Albert Le Souef, V.D., B.V.Sc., F.R.Z.S., J.P.
PART 5 1966
Mother Mary Albertus, The Irwin Story
Henrietta Drake-Brockman, The 350th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog's Landing on the Western Australian Coast: A Speech Delivered at Stirling House on 30/1/66
I.D. Heppingstone, Bay Whaling in Western Australia
Group-Captain Norman Brearley, Pioneering Development of Civil Aviation in Australia
Cara Cammilleri, Experiences on the North-West Goldfields, 1889-92: Second Portion of F.W.P. Cammilleri’s Reminiscences
Sheila McClemans, Archibald Paull Burt: First Chief Justice of Western Australia
PART 6 1967
A Milestone (Commemoration of the Foundation of Perth)
Alexandra Hasluck, Murder on the Old Coast Road
Stephens, Robert 1967, John Wellstead the Elder, Pioneer Settler at Bremer Bay', Early Days, vol. 6, part 6, 1967: 21-32.
Frank Larter, A Migrant of 1912: Recollections of England and Australia
E.S. Whiteley, H.M.S. Sulphur', Early Days, vol. 6, part 6: 45-55.
Mother Mary Albertus, Some Personalities and Places of the Irwin District
Bonnie Hicks, Sir Alexander and Sir Thomas Cockburn-Campbell
The Australian Dictionary of Biography: Contributions by Members of the Society
PART 7 1968
Freda Vines, Thomas Carter, Ornithologist: 7-21
P. G. S. Hope, Reminiscences of a Surveyor with particular reference to Dalkeith and Point Resolution: 23-30
D. Mackay, The Early History and Formation of the Hampton Plains Estate Ltd.: 31-41
Margaret Allnutt, Elections in the South-West: 1867, 1870, 1872; David Eedle and Others: 43-56
J. H. M. Honniball, The Letters of Emily Roberts: 57-88
PART 8 1969
J. P. Stokes, Biographical Memoir of Sir Ernest Lee-Steere: 7-11
Edna Baulch, Harry Farber: 12-25
Lorraine Dick, Kalgoorlie—A Frontier Town 1934: 26-37
B. F. Handing, Maurice C. Davies: 38-56
G. J. Dellar, Ebb-flow of a Boom Town: The History of Bullfinch: 57-73
Helen Summerville, Port Gregory: 74-88
Delys Phelps, Reflections on the Perth Town Hall: 89-104

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