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Early Days

Volume 8, 1977-1982

Vol. 8 Part 1 1977
cover The Society's Coat of Arms & verso
Hasluck, Paul 1977, 'The founding of the society: some personal reminiscences', Early Days, vol. 8, part 1: 7-22.
Staples, A.C. 1977, 'The Prinsep dynasty', Early Days, vol. 8, part 1: 23-34.
Glossop, Verna 1977, 'The Properjohn family of Bunbury', Early Days, vol. 8, part 1: 35-62.
Doyle, T. W. 1977, 'Bullock teams and their drovers in the South West', Early Days, vol. 8, part 1: 63-68.
Hasluck, Paul 1977, 'The early years of John Forrest', Early Days, vol. 8, part 1: 69-97.
List of sovereigns, governors, administrators

Vol. 8 Part 2 1978
cover Houghton Homestead & verso
John A. McKenzie, An exile in Marble Bar: the diary of a Telegraph Lineman, 1919-20
P. H. Armstrong, The Aboriginal practice of firing the bush: the evidence of early newspapers
Smoje, Neven 1978, 'Shipwrecked on the North West Coast : the ordeal of the survivors of the Stefano', Early Days, vol. 8, part 2: 35-47.
I. sD. Heppingstone, Pioneer droving in the North West
Prue Joske, Lady Hackett's household guide
Louise Hoffman, A review of the Jewish press in Western Australia

Vol. 8 Part 3 1979
cover The Coat of Arms of Western Australia & verso
Erickson, Rica 1979, 'Those fabled firsts of the Swan River Colony', Early Days, vol. 8, part 3: 7-15.
Paul Buddee, In search of authenticity
Mollie Bentley, The murder of Constable Patrick Hackett
John A. McKenzie, Wise man from the east: the educational career of Senior Inspector Miles
Christina Jeffery, Eucla

Vol. 8 Part 4 1980
Ray Oldham, cover The Barracks arch & verso
G.C. Bolton & Howard Pedersen, The Emanuels of Noonkanbah and Go Go
E. Braid, Explorer surveyors' classification work
W.J. Peasley, From de Grey to the overland telegraph line: the Forrest expedition of 1879
J.H.M. Honniball, Our first royal visitor: Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh
Ruth Marchant James, The Presentation Sisters: unsung pioneers of education
David Hutchison, William Ernest Cooke, first government astronomer
C.H. Charlesworth, The origins of banking in England and Australia

Vol. 8 Part 5 1981
cover Bulk handling of grain in Western Australia: 50th anniversary
The Revd Bro. S.B. Keane, Pietro G. Porcelli, sculptor, 1872-1943
J. Gentilli, C. Stransky & C. Iraci, A review of the first century of Italian migration to Western Australia
F.J.A. Broeze, Western Australia until 1869: The maritime perspective, Part 1
Michael Nind, Sails and oars on the Swan, 1829 to 1849
Ann T. Whyntie, Sunset Hospital : its history and function
David Adams, '"Superior" boys schools in a pioneering community: the Swan River Settlement, 1829 to 1855',  Early Days, vol. 8 part. 5: 75-93.
List of Affiliated Societies
List of members of the Society, 1981
J.G. Paterson, Book publishing in Western Australia

Vol. 8 Part 6 1982
Arthur E. Hartley, A teacher's role on a group settlement
Fred Cunningham, Memories of old East Perth
Honniball, J.H.M. 1982, 'The golden age of cinema in Perth', Early Days, vol. 8, part 6: 39-53.
C.W.M. Cameron, R.E. Bush, Gascoyne explorer and pastoralist
Jenny Mills, Fifty years in business in Western Australia - Robert Bunning: A profile
G.G. Smith, Pioneer seashore botanists in Western Australia
F. J. A. Broeze, Western Australia until 1869: the maritime perspective, Part 2

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