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Early Days

Volume 9, 1983-1988

Vol. 9 Part 1 1983
covers: St. Patrick's Anglican Church, Mourambine
Professor R.T. Appleyard, Co-operative Bulk Handling, Limited, 1933 to 1983
Nancy Lutton, Bessie M. Rischbieth, O.B.E.: an oral history study
Sister Mary Albertus Bain, Some incidents in the heyday of pearling
Mrs. L.L. Miller, Overcoming the outback's isolation
Ruth Marchant James, Evelyn Pierrepont Erskine
A.C. Frost, Early West Australian newspapers', Early Days, vol. 9, part 1: 77-88.
Jack M. Seabrook, John Seabrook of Brookton House
Rica Erickson, Eliza Tracey: A woman with a grievance', Early Days, vol. 9, part 1: 103-115.

Vol. 9 Part 2 1984
cover: AMP Building, Perth
Professor G.C. Bolton, The strange career of William Beresford
Statham, Pamela 1984, 'The first (W.A.) Finnertys - father and son', Early Days, vol. 9, part 2: 17-24.
Jennifer K. Zimmer, John de Mansfield Absolon of Perth and Fremantle
Ray Oldham, The Oldham family in Australia
Mollie Lukis, Pioneering in the Murchison and Gascoyne districts: The Campbell family
Dr. J. Gentilli, Western Australia's Chinese immigration policy
Anne Atkinson, Some socio-economic aspects of the Chinese community in Perth 1900- 1920
M.K. Quartermaine, Some aspects of mining at Ravensthorpe

Vol. 9 Part 3 1985
cover: J.H., The Cloisters
Chris Jeffery, The Van Raalte Club
Lesley Vincent, Women doctors in Western Australia 1895-1950
Ruth McGrath, Migration to Western Australia from South Australia and Victoria 1890-1915
J.H.M. Honniball, The useful lives of James and Catherine Allen
Dr. Phillip E. Playford & Dr. Ian Ruddock, Discovery of the Kimberley Goldfield
Frank Davidson, Memories of a newspaper man
Greta Kuchling, Solomon Cook 1813-1871, blacksmith, shipwright, engineer and entrepreneur

Vol. 9 Part 4 1986
cover: The Royal WA Historical Society's Coat of Arms
Mary and John McKenzie, The museum of childhood 1969-1984
V. Chryssanthopoulou- Farrington, Odysseus finds home: the Castellorizian Greeks of Western Australia
Professor Leslie R. Marchant, William Dampier's significance in Australia's maritime discovery
Bill Warnock, The Australian moving image
Desmond A. Lambert, The Lionel Samson Story: a brief history of Australia 's oldest family business
Professor Reginald Appleyard, Vancouver 's discovery and exploration of King George's Sound
John Nairn, Ordeals and miracles in researching the life of Walter Padbury
Jean-Marie Volet, Some of the reasons which led to a night of terror in Kalgoorlie and Boulder on Monday 29 January 1934

Vol. 9 Part 5 1987
cover: Armorial bearings of the City of Fremantle
Nancy Lutton, Dear family: letters from Bessie Rischbieth
J.H.M. Honniball, The celebration of Queen Victoria 's Jubilee in Western Australia
Lloyd Nelson, The Great Southern Expedition of 1835
G.L. (Les) Johnson, The Parmelia Barque
Michael Nind, Henry Camfield's 'Burswood' and what became of it: a history of Burswood Island
Jack M. Seabrook, Yachts and yachtsmen on the Swan
Jean Lang, Before the Flying Doctor: the life and times of Dr. J.J. Holland
Ruth Marchant James, The illustrious Norths and their Perth descendants
Tresna Shorter, The working and living conditions of the labourers of the Public Works Department during the Depression 1928 -1934

Vol. 9 Part 6 1988
Professor Frank Crowley, Forrest the politician 1890-1918
Tatiana de Fircks, Costume in the early years of Western Australia
Dr. Douglas Markey, Common meals as cultural spoor - food in the Swan River Colony 1829-1850
Dr. Rica Erickson, If it hadn't been for the Murphys
Professor Leslie R. Marchant, The Baudin Expedition 1800-04 and the French scientific exploration of Australia
John A. McKenzie, The teacher as social pioneer
Ray Oldham, The Old East Perth Cemetery , 1829-1988
Nan Broad, Stock brands of the 19th Century

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