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The Town of East Fremantle (1897) is bounded by East, Marmion, and Petra Streets and the Swan River, and was divided into four wards, each of which is of some historical importance. (From October 2023, the ward divisions will no longer apply in council elections.) Both Canning and Stirling Highways run through the suburb, and in fact cross each other inside it.

Plympton and Richmond were the two original components of Fremantle's 'East Ward' in 1892, at which time Fremantle had had a Municipal Council and Mayor since 1883. However, the two areas were not administered directly by the Municipality, but by the Fremantle Road Board, despite the fact that residents had petitioned the Premier (John Forrest) to become part of Fremantle. So, a few years later, they resolved instead to ask to become a separate municipality, and this was brought in effect in 1897.

Before becoming a municipality, East Fremantle, like the Melville Road Board district, formed part of the Fremantle Road Board. It was anxious to become incorporated with the Fremantle municipality, but as overtures in that direction were repeatedly rejected by Fremantle, it constituted itself a separate municipality in 1897. Prior to becoming a municipality, East Fremantle possessed a separate Board of Health acting independently of the Fremantle Road Board. That was formed to enable the residents to cope with the nuisance arising from the old slaughterhouse which was located in the centre of Plympton. Hitchcock: 94. (The slaughterhouse, Herbert Baker's butchery, was where Glasson Park is now, on Hubble, George, and Glyde Streets.)

East Fremantle Oval Precinct Project plan, May 2022.

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