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John K. Ewers 1971, The Western Gateway: A History of Fremantle, Fremantle City Council, with UWAP, rev. ed. [1st ed. 1948].


1 Parmelia migrants
2 Names of the purchasers of allotments between 1829 and 1837 (the same list was first published in Hitchcock)
3 Children at the Colonial School at Fremantle, 1835
4 Census taken in Fremantle in 1848
5 Summary of members of the Fremantle Town Trust, 1848-71 (v. infra)
6 Summary of office-bearers of the Fremantle Town Council, 1871-83 (v. infra)
7 Summary of members of the Fremantle Municipal Council, 1883-1929 (v. infra)
8 Summary of members of the Fremantle City Council, 1929-70 (v. infra)
9 Fremantle street names (see my page for street names - which includes all of Ewers')
10 Parks, reserves and recreation grounds in Fremantle today (see my page for parks)
11 Allied vessels victualled at Fremantle in World War II
12 Shipping tonnage and trade at Fremantle, 1937-70
13 Building activities, 1946-70
14 The firms established at O’Connor
15 Plan of Fremantle, 1833
16 An American view of port facilities in 1892

Appendix 1


The transport Parmelia arrived at Fremantle on 2 June 1829, and as a matter of historical interest the official list of passengers is given hereunder, the ages of junior members being shown in parentheses:

Captain Stirling, R. N, (Lieutenant-Governor), Mrs Ellen Stirling and Andrew (3) and Frederick Stirling; William Stirling; P. Broun (Colonial Secretary), Mrs Caroline Broun and MacBride (2) and Ann (6 months) Broun; Commander M. J. Currie, R. N. (Harbour Master), Mrs Jane Currie; John S. Roe (Surveyor-General) and Mrs Matilda Roe; H. C. Sutherland (assistant surveyor) and Mrs Ann Sutherland; W. Shilton (clerk to the Colonial Secretary); Charles Simmons (surgeon); Mrs Jane Daly and Joseph T. (6), Henry John (4), Edward N. (2) and Eliza Rose (2 months) Daly; Alex. Fandam (cooper) and Mrs Mary Fandam; William Hoking (artificer), Mrs Mary Hoking and John (14), William (12), Mary (10), Thomas (8), David (6) and Charles (2) Hoking; James Morgan (storekeeper), Mrs Rebecca Morgan and Rebecca (12) and James (11) Morgan; John Drummond (agriculturist), Mrs Sarah Drummond and Thomas (18), Jane (16), James (15), John (13), Johnson (9) and Euphemia (3) Drummond; Thomas Davis (smith), Mrs Catherina Davis and John (3) and Charlotte (2) Davis; James C. Smith (boat builder) and Mrs Sarah Smith; George Mangles; George Eliot (11); Thomas Blakey and Mrs Sarah Blakey; John Kelly and Mrs Elizabeth Kelly; Richard Evans; Margaret McLeod; Mary Ann Smith; Ann Shipsey; Patrick Murphy; Frederick Ludlow and Mrs Mildred Kitts Ludlow; Jane Fruin; Charles D. Wright; Elizabeth Gamble; James Elliott; W. H. Reveley (engineer) and Mrs Amelia Reveley.

Appendix 3


The following list of children attending the Colonial School at Fremantle is taken from the Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence for the year 1835.


The following scholars were in attendance at an examination held on June 19, 1835:—Edmund Lamb, Charles Duffield, Samuel Duffield, John Bateman, Walter Bateman, Shakespeare Hall, Joseph Cooper, Rebecca Cooper, Mary Ann Cooper, Richard Maxworthy, Mary Ann Maxworthy, William Christmas, George Christmas, Edwin Sharpe, Anne Sharp, Mary Sharpe, Isaac Cousins, William Australis Cousins, George Woods, Maria Woods, Frances Read, Jane Read, Thomas Kelly, Thomas Clulow, Henry Robinson, Isaac Summerland, Louisa Bond, John Pengilly [Pengelly], John Harwood, Frederick Tapper, Ann Draper, John Cox, Richard Cox, William Kelly

Visitors at this public examination were:
R. McB. Brown, Esq., Resident; G, Leake, Esq., S. G. Henty, Esq., D. Scott, Esq.
Prizes were awarded to:
Best Reader and Speller, Charles Duffield; Best Writer, Edmund Lamb;
Best Arithmetician, Samuel Duffield.
For General Good Conduct, Edwin Sharpe, John Harwood, William Australis Cousins, George Christmas, Mary Ann Maxworthy, Anne Sharpe.
(Sgd.) LANCELOT TAYLOR COOK, Master of the Fremantle School.

Appendix 5

Appendix 6

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Appendix 15

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