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Kaleeya Hospital

Kaleeya Hospital, at Staton & Wolseley Roads East Fremantle, was closed end 2014 and sold to Southern Cross Care (WA) Inc, which plans to use it as an aged care service and health facility.

Kaleeya Hospital was a well known and respected private surgical and medical hospital located in Wolseley Road, East Fremantle, Western Australia. Opened in September 1974 as an “A Class hospital” with 32 beds and two major operating theatres, extended in November 1979 to 80 beds and further redeveloped in 1994 to include 102 bed, 5 major operating theatres and associated facilities. Providing specialities included Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Urology, Oral / Dental Surgery, Plastic surgery, ENT and Ophthalmic Surgery, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Vascular Surgery. Endoscopy services were provided, as was physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. The hospital was a pioneer in the field of bloodless surgery in Australia. The name Kaleeya comes from an aboriginal world meaning “in sight of the sea” and had excellent river and ocean views. of the Swan River and Fremantle Port. Kaleeya was sold to the Western Australian Government on 31 January 2005 because of the limitations placed on the site by the local government and a need for the WA government to acquire additional public beds. It is now an aged care facility.

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Streets of East Freo page for this building, from which most of the above data come.

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