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Jewish Fremantle


Herbert Nathaniel Davis, architect
Abraham Moise Josephson, hotelier
Theodore Krakouer, convict
Elias Lapidus, convict
Solomon Levey, entrepreneur
Isaac Myers, convict, tailor
Izzy Orloff, photographer
Samson family, mayors
Barney Silbert, merchant
Rosa Henriques Smith, social worker
Elias Solomon, MP

Buildings and Places

Heritage Tour
Park Hotel
Sailors Rest
Samson House

References and Links

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About this page. My interest in matters Jewish was kindled by my attending a Heritage Festival walk researched by Wendy Antonovsky and conducted by Ari Antonovsky which they often did for the Fremantle Heritage Festival. That is represented here in the page for their Heritage Tour. A recent event began 10.00am Saturday 4 June 2017, leaving from the Moores Building.

Ari and Wendy also conducted a tour of the Jewish section of the cemetery, and they have very kindly shared that material so that it can be published on this site. I'll add their notes to my page on the Jewish section in the cemetery, and also to pages for some of the individuals buried there.

Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society of WA website.

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