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Town Lot 10

Cliff Street, between High Street and Croke Lane

Town Lot 10 originally granted to John Hobbs, but very soon became the property of Lionel Samson, and it is where he built the family home. Lot 9 also passed from Hobbs to Samson and is where the family business building still stands.

The home survived an early fire, unlike the business premises, which had to be rebuilt. Now known as 'Fanny Samoson's Cottage' it is used as a museum.

J.K. Hitchcock writing in 1869, recalls that, in 1869 ...
Next came the private residence of Mr. Lionel Samson, which is still standing, and is now occupied by Messrs. Calthorp Bros. as a warehouse. Adjoining was the warehouse and offices of L. Samson and Son, which have since been demolished and rebuilt. This is probably the oldest firm in the State, its founder having arrived and started business in 1829. He died in 1878, and was succeeded by his youngest son, W. F. Samson, who died in 1900. Like the genial J. H. Payne, who now guides the destinies of the firm, the original Samson wore a perennial smile upon his benign countenance, and had a cheery word for everyone. It is recorded in racing annals that at the first race meeting in the State, which took place near Fremantle on October 2. 1833, Mr. Samson ran a horse which he entered under the expressive, if not euphonious name, of “More in Sorrow than in Anger.” This little whimsicality was quite characteristic of the kindly old gentleman. 

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