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Town Lot 117

Pakenham Street.

Lot 117 is almost at the southern end of Pakenham Street, and a building on it in the 1830s looked out over South Bay (now the 'reclaimed' Esplanade). Hitchcock shows the first owner of the Lot as being William Heares Smithers, who had arrived on the Gilmore in 1829, apparently with the intention of entering the hotel trade (Tuckfield). From Graham's account, it is not clear who built the first building on the Lot, nor who first traded in the Albion Inn, which was licensed so to do in the early 1830s. John Hole Duffield also traded in the Albion Inn.

References and Links

Fremantle History Centre. Look for the PDFs called:
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1829-1837
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1855-1879

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