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Town Lots 12 & 11

Western end of Cliff Street, corner of Croke Lane

Town Lot 12 was one of several granted to harbour master Daniel Scott. (Others were 11, 102, 103, 152, and 267. However, he built his house on lot 5.)

In 2022, the tenant in the Elder Shenton building, 37-45 Cliff Street, on the corner of Croke Lane, is the Fremantle Herald newspaper. I'm guessing that the building also takes up Lot 11.

J.K. Hitchcock writing in 1919, recalls that, in 1869 ...
At the corner of Cliff and Dalgety-streets where Mr. Antoine’s office now is, was the Mechanics’ Institute. The librarian was a Mr. H. W. Young, who had been a solicitor in England. His position was practically honorary, and he was rarely in the institute owing to other engagements. Anyone wanting a book had merely to walk in, take it from the shelf, and enter it in a book kept on the table for that purpose.

References and Links

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