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Town Lot 125

Leake Street

It is quite possible that Lot 125 has only ever had two buildings on it: the first a hotel, and the second a cinema.

The first establishment on that Lot, from 1833, was known as the Plough Hotel, and later as the Race Horse Inn—on the third lot from the corner of Leake and Market Streets. Joseph Cooper was the licensee of the Plough until 1835, when he became a farmer in the Murray district. Anthony Cornish was the first licensee of the Race Horse: he was Cooper's son-in-law, having married his daughter, Rebecca. He handed it over to his brother-in-law Nicholas Paterson no later than 1854. Paterson had married Cornish's sister. The Lot was vacant in 1899.

The lot has been the site of part of the Princess Theatre cinema auditorium since 1910/11.

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The photo is cropped from an 1891 panorama. Lot 127 is Jarvis's greengrocer store on the corner of Leake and Market, so that may well be the Race Horse Hotel two doors away (to the left) in Leake Street. The building is no longer visible in another panorama from 1899.

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