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Town Lot 16

Cliff Street, between Phillimore and High Streets.

Town Lot 16 has been occupied by Atlas Chambers, 6-8 Cliff Street, since c. 1890.

Hitchcock, writing in 1919, describing the eastern side of Cliff Street between Phillimore and High Streets as it was in 1869:
The first buildings were a stone store and a two-storied wooden house adjoining. These were erected before 1835 as I have a copy of an old drawing of Fremantle made in that year by Mr. C. B. Wittenoom in which they are shown. Cliff Chambers now occupies their site. Next was the residence of Dr. Oliver, already mentioned, and then the intersection of High-street.

The 1844 Snell-Chauncey map shows [Richard McBryde] Broun as the owner of Lots 16 and 17 – though shown as 'Brown'.

References and Links

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streetsoffreo writes that no. 6 was called Atlas Chambers and no. 8 was Cliff Chambers, but they give no source.

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