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Town Lot 411

High Street, north side, between Pakenham to Market Street

The earliest owner of Lot 411 recorded by Hitchcock (1929) was Maria Gregson.

In 2023, Lot 411 is the site of the Commercial Hotel (1908), 80 High Street, formerly Albert's Hotel, now trading as Sun Dancer Backpackers.

Hitchcock 1919, describing the situation as he recalled it in 1869:
Next came the Albert Hotel on the site of which the Commercial Hotel now stands. The Albert Hotel was owned and kept by the late Captain John Thomas, who died a few years ago at the great age of 94. He used to trade to Batavia, Singapore, and Mauritius, first in a little cutter of 25 tons, and afterwards in a 100-ton schooner named the Empress. He it was who, after his retirement from the sea, taught most of our old-time coasting skippers all they knew of the art of navigation, and that was very little, as most of them used to find their way about by instinct or rule of thumb. In those go-as-you-please days certificates of competency were unheard of and anyone could be a shipmaster, doctor, or dentist without his qualifications being put to any test. There was consternation amongst the ancient mariners when certificates were first brought into vogue. Many of them, though they were splendid seamen, and had been sailing ships for years, could not pass even the very elementary examination then required until after several attempts, and some never succeeded in passing at all.

References and Links

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