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Town Lot 414

High Street, north side, between Pakenham to Market Street

The earliest owner of Lot 414 recorded by Hitchcock (1929) was Jacob Toby.

At the end of 2022, by my estimation, using Google Maps and streetview, Lot 414 is the site of the former National Australian bank (modern building), 88 High Street. Currently utilised as the Fremantle Police Station, until the new one is built in South Terrace.

Hitchcock 1919, describing the situation as he recalled it in 1869:
Next to the Albert Hotel were several small wooden shops occupied respectively by W. Leach, bootmaker; Miss Leach, fancy goods; Theophilus Carter, watchmaker; E. Wellstead, cabinetmaker; D. B. Francisco, auctioneer; and Rankin and Watson, retailers. Then came a tiny little cottage having a neat flower garden in front and occupied by ‘Paddy’, the wheelbarrow man. Paddy was an eccentric character, the butt of all the small boys, and made a comfortable living by removing luggage, etc, with his barrow, the town not having yet reached the carrier’s cart stage. On the next allotment was a greengrocer’s shop and firewood yard kept by Mr. Weeden, adjoining which was the Era newspaper office. Fremantle could boast two newspapers in those days – the Herald and the Era – though it has since often been without even one.

References and Links

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