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Town Lot 417

Corner of High and Market Streets.
The earliest owner of Lot 410 recorded by Hitchcock (1929) was Marshall McDermott.
Higham Buildings, 101 High Street.

Hitchcock 1919, describing the situation as he recalled it was in 1869:
Crossing Market-street to the other corner we come to what was one of the most extensive buildings of the time, though it has long since had to make way for the more modern structures known as ‘Higham’s Buildings’. I refer to the store with residence attached of Mrs M. Higham. Here a large retail business was done ...

References and Links

Hitchcock, J.K. 1919, 'Early Days of Fremantle: High Street 50 Years Ago'Fremantle Times, one of a series of articles on 'Early Days of Fremantle' publ. 21 March - 20 June 1919.

Fremantle History Centre. Look for the PDFs called:
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