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Town Lot 42

Mouat Street, between Phillimore and High Streets.

The first owner of Lot 42 (and 43) noted by Hitchcock was Hugh McDonald.

Town Lot 42 is now occupied by a building constructed for E.H. Fothergill & Co. in 1900.

Hitchcock (1919, describing Mouat Street in 1869):
At the time of which we write (1869) what is now Phillimore-street formed part of the old Recreation Ground, known as ‘The Green’, and only a few of the allotments in Mouatt-street were built upon. An old widow lady named Mrs. [Eliza?] Agett resided in a fairly large bungalow house on the site now occupied by His Majesty’s Hotel. During the gold boom times this house underwent alterations and additions, and became Fremantle’s first café under the name of ’His Lordship’s Larder’. In course of time a hotel license was secured, and the old building gave place to the present modern structure.
Next to it was the station and quarters of the Harbour Master’s crew. This was a body of smartly uniformed and well disciplined men, whose duties were in connection with the shipping, which, at that time, was represented by sailing ships lying out in the open and exposed roadstead, none but the small coasting craft being able to berth at the jetty.

McDONALD, Hugh, b. 1806. d. 15.5.1856 (Albany). arr. 6.10.1829 per Lotus m. 3.10.1839 (KGS) Mary SHERRATT b. 1819. dtr. of Thomas Brooker & Amelia. Chd. Mary b. 1841. Perth Constable 1831. To South Africa, returned 18.6.1833 per Cornwallis. Albany land-owner, 500ac. towards Torbay, farmer 1841 & grazier: Whaler 1840s: Publican 1843-, merchant, trader. Pt. owner of Emma Sherratt 1844: Sandalwooder 1847-. Managed T.B. Sherratt's affairs 1843 - when latter was mentally deranged. Estate 1.5 miles from Albany. Agent for Inquirer Newspaper Albany KGS 1850.

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