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Town Lot 424

Corner High and Pakenham Streets.
The earliest owner of Lot 410 recorded by Hitchcock (1929) was John Hancock.
At the end of 2022: Central Chambers/Economic Stores/Bateman's: Kartique/Djurra

Hitchcock 1919, describing the situation as he recalled it was in 1869:
Next to Mr. Congdon’s was Mr. W.S. Pearse’s private house, and adjoining it on the corner of High and Packenham-streets was the butcher’s shop of Messrs. W.S. and G. Pearse.

References and Links

Hitchcock, J.K. 1919, 'Early Days of Fremantle: High Street 50 Years Ago'Fremantle Times, one of a series of articles on 'Early Days of Fremantle' publ. 21 March - 20 June 1919.

Fremantle History Centre. Look for the PDFs called:
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1829-1837
Purchasers of Fremantle Town Lots 1855-1879

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