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Town Lot 44

NE corner of High and Mouat Streets.

Town Lot 44 is now mostly occupied by the 1892 former Bank of New South Wales. Part of the Cleopatra Hotel might be on that original lot, though it is also on Lot 61.

The original grantee of Lot 44 was P.H. Dod. He arrived in 1829 on the Atwick and left in 1832 on the Cornwallis. Dod was granted town lots 26, 38, 44, 61, and sublot E.

Hitchcock (1919, describing 1869):
On the opposite corner of Mouatt-street on which the W.A. Bank is now erected was a general store kept by Mr Alex Francisco, senior, who was also postmaster. Mr. R. Hardman, the late Deputy P.M.G., was his clerk, and the late Mr. John Leighton, sen., was store assistant and postman. Later the latter position was filled by Mr. F. Douglas, then a youth, who afterwards went to sea, and was well known as master and owner of sailing vessels trading on the South-West coast.

DOD, Philip H., b. 1810. arr. 19.10.1829 per Atwick with servants John & Sarah Limer. Granted 6520 acres, selecting 2000 in Swan district in 1829 & 4520 in Plantagenet in 1831. He was a relative of the London merchant Henry Dod & Co. who had extensive business with the first settlers. Philip Dod opened a store at Frem. 1830. He sought permission to leave the colony 17.1.1832 per Cornwallis.

Erickson records that Philip Dod had a shop in 1830. As he was granted both lots 44 and 61 - all of the land on the north side of High Street between Mouat and Henry Streets, it is likely that his shop was there. It is possible that it is more or less the same store as described by Hitchcock (supra) as Francisco's in 1869.

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